(a Noel Cowardy kind of affair, may be a bit of ‘Why Can’t A Woman Be More Like a Man’ Rex Harrison style)


Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen.

My next little ditty has been inspired by a phrase which some people use (those people are incorrect), and some people don’t use (the correct ones). Please allow me a minute to sip my gin sling and adjust my reading coat, and I will perform for you a song that demonstrates my undying rage against this phrase, and may it be stoked in hades very fires from this night onwards.

Thank you so very much.



Who put the ‘fish’ in Tuna-fish?

It’s something that I find completely odd

Who put the ‘fish’ in the tuna fish dish?

You wouldn’t attach ‘fish’ after the knowingly fishy ‘cod’.


You wouldn’t say ‘cow-mammal’

You shouldn’t say ‘Chicken-Bird’

I understand that when you need to differentiate, when animals relationate (such as the parrot fish, the sea-horse, flying foxes and the like), but monumental environmental differentials make the phrasing kind of mental, (and besides which),

Tuna is such a uniquely fishy word.


It seems so terribly unutterably unnaturally and undoubtedly unnecessary,

To us this tautlogistic pleonasm whilst everybody declines to take a look

The whole thing stinks so absurdly and sushily, so essentially fishily and messily.

As if a tuna lunatic required a higher word count for his book.


So who put the fish in Tuna-fish?

It’s something that I find completely odd

Who put the fish in the tuna fish dish?

You shouldn’t have to go fishing for the unmissing definition of the fishy exposition after such a piscinely and aquatically, peschilily, and icthusilily, supremely and mariningly, shoal going, gill-breathing, fry baring, dorsal, cordal, anal, pelvic and pectoral fin flapping, scaly and battered old cod.





7 thoughts on “On the Extranious Word In the Phrase ‘Tuna Fish’ – a Ditty.

    • The world of knowledge suggests to me that there is no such thing as anything, and the acquisition of information is merely a route to the revelation of boundless personal ignorance. Or at least feel a bit dim when watching Step Hen Fry TVs shows.

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