Little Fishy

Hatch Little Fishy; you need to break out to be free.

Eat Up Little Fishy; get as big as you can be

Watch yourself Little Fishy; no mercy under the sea

Find your own place Little Fishy; a place where you can be.


Swim, Swim, Swim Little Fishy; be almost impossible to see,

Catch all the other little Fishies; eating, not eaten – the way to be

Find a mate Little Fishy; so there’s something left under the sea,

When you’re not so quick Little Fishy, and can’t so easily flee.


Can’t take any rest, Little Fishy; the shark’s teeth clear to see,

You’re so tired Little Fishy; looks like sleepy time to me.

You’ve been caught Little Fishy; still no mercy under the sea,

Eat up all that Little Fishy; a tasty morsel for your tea.



Fred, Ned and Ted

(or A Warning for all you Borrowers)


Gregarious Fred,

Lent Broke Ned

A few bob to see him through


Unfortunate Ted

Also Owed Fred

Who wanted it back, PDQ.


Poor Broke Ned

Found Ted’s Unfortunate Head,

In his Garden, round the front.


On finding Dead Ted’s head, in his Flower Bed,

Ned said to Gregarious (but also psychopathically dangerous) Fred,

“I’d rather not borrow this, please have it back, whenever you want.”


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