Oh, Noble Egg-man


Oh noble Egg-man

Why have you not come?

You have left all my eggs here again

And they seem to be getting rather glum.


Eggs are meant to be collected,

Not Left as they are.

They are currently filling every nook and cranny,

Every Pot, every pan, every jar.


They are filling up my kitchen,

Taking up every ounce of space,

All brown and speckled and unevenly cylindrical,

Like a brown and speckled unevenly cylindrical race.


So oh please, please noble Egg-man,

Come and take these eggs away.

I am suffocating under these thousands of eggs,

So please come today.



A Rather unsuitable conversation betwixt a man and a little frying pan


“Why,” said the man,

To the Little frying pan,

“Have you stopped frying eggs?”


“Because” to the man,

Said the little frying pan

“I am now frying little chicken legs”


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