Good afternoon, good morning, good evening and/or or good night. My name is Steven Lomas, and I am using this blog to present my writings. They are a mixed grab bag of varied length, type, status and structure; hence the name – All In.. As in All In Wrestling. If this phrase doesn’t mean much to you, do not worry, its only a name, and maybe I’ll post about it at some point. Please feel free to comment, pass judgement, enjoy or dislike; nothing is universally good or bad, my mum, wife and daughter think I’m pretty good (my daughter is yet to read, so she’s really just taking my word for it, or rather ignoring my word and being bribed with chocolate to agree with me) and I’m just trying to scratch an itch that’s been there for all of my adult life (again, the itch story may well get blogged). If you would like some details, please guess them from the words that follow, British, left(ish), mid/late thirties, Mablethorpe (a small town in Lincolnshire (where the Mayflower set sail from originally if you’re after a historical context)), St Albans (the world’s most middle class town, just north of London), 10, July, late 70’s, Green, Boston (again, Lincolnshire, not the American one, or those guys that did ‘More Than A Feeling),none of the above, Louis Armstrong, negative 8, A or B, but one of the common ones, purple, Sporcle, ‘Want You Back’, Gonzo Monkeys/Nott The Hoople/Blue Snaggletooth/The Pogo’s, chuff, octopus, hippos, The Book In Hand, brown, but mostly now gone, my Wife & daughter, Automatic For The People, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, my brother, Shakin’ Stevens, 42,   , Mum & Dad. If there’s anything else, please drop me a line and let me know.

Thank you.

Love, Stevo

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