What if after the rapture

There might be more laughter,

For those turned away at Heaven’s Pearly Gates?

Would it be such a bind

For those left behind,

With a Brave New World left to create?


Could God’s eternal glory

Not be the one and only story

Maybe it’s not who’s right, but who’s left below?

What if misery’s cause

Were biblical laws?

Could we dispense with this status quo?


Might we be more accepting;

Neither refusing nor rejecting,

Without judgment from some insecure deity?

There’d be no occasion

To condemn sexual orientation;

It’d be all lightness and sweetness and gaiety.


And so many differing choices

Between varying voices

Marching under their own parochial banner.

Denominational diversity

Creates certain uncertainty

About who gets to eat that Heavenly manna?


Whose congregation would he take?

Which sects might He forsake?

Who’ll be left off St Peter the bouncer’s great list?

Quakers and Mormons,

Might be refused by the doorman,

Or even Protestants or (God forbid) Catholics.


And what of the billions

Belonging to non-Christian religions?

No Muslims, Hindus or Jews.

To those of other beliefs,

Might it be just a relief

To be denied the mono-faith paradise blues?


So after the rapture,

A party ever after?

All are welcome to attend.

We’ll be happy together,

Unsupervised, untethered.

For ever and ever, amen.


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