A human being, one of several billion, and therefore susceptible to an almost limitless number of variations, came out as continuing to be a human being, yesterday. The person, who has an age, has said that they,

“…were pleased that they had come to the decision that they could let their real human being nature continue to be revealed to the world, and that they hope that countless other Human Beings would be able to take some comfort from knowing that there was another Human Being who, like them, was afraid of the public’s reaction to their continuing Human Beingness, but today has come out loud and proud!”

Human beings are ape-descended upright mammals, whose diversity in all aspects of their lives means absolutely nothing when comparing the worth of one to another. Several other high and low profile human beings have also recently come out as continuing to be ‘homo sapiens’ (the scientific name), leaving some to consider whether all people from all walks of life are in fact Human Beings and that there is no possible classification in any of the multi-dimensional aspects of any of our lives that prevents people from continuing to be Human Beings no matter what they do. A Lack of consensus on this matter continues, however, especially in areas where there continues to be money to be made selling stories about ‘non-norms’. Further disagreements have come from powerful and wealthy organisations where the definitions of Human Beings refer to a strict set of guidelines as set out in very similar but fundamentally different (HE wore a grey robe/HE wore a very slightly different shade of grey robe) ancient books of metaphors. Deviations from these guidelines can often result in varying levels of impotent frightened and frightening phobias and persecution. Despite these setbacks, the popular belief is currently that when born an Human Being, a person continues to be a Human Being (with all related liberties) throughout their lives, and this Human Beingness continues to be the case no matter the accidents of their conditions from  birth, actions throughout their lifespan and circumstances of their experience.

Full report in the ‘Completely Necessary Dividing Lines’ department.


7 thoughts on “Human Being Comes Out As Continuing To Be A Human Being

  1. Hi,
    I am interested in evolution. I used to teach the Big Bang Theory. However, I am trying to understand the satirical part of this.
    Is your point walking on two legs and being called a human being should not qualify us as such? We have to act like a human to earn the term?
    I met you on Jason’s site. Perhaps you’ll check out my blog if you need a blogging tip or two. That’s what I write about.


    • Hi, sorry this response is a few days late, your comment was unceremoniously chucked into my spam folder (don’t you hate it when there is no ceremony when you are being chucked somewhere? I demand all the proper pomp and circumstance that these events dictate).

      I guess the point is that it doesn’t matter what label we (as a society or culture) like to use to differentiate ourselves, we are still always human, and the differences between us are not ever going to change that. It was a reaction to the coming out of the second Wachowski brother as trans last week. I’m pleased that they are happier, and I understand that their coming out may help comfort or inspire other people in the similar circumstances, but my relationship with them as a complete stranger is as changed as if they came out as being curly haired or green eyed. Whilst I have absolutely no desire to be reductive of another person’s battles within their life, our base level as human is unchangeable, and I just find it unpleasant that we claim to have a liberal society which is inclusive of all individuals, but then make such a big noise when people (and most often complete strangers) are revealed to be different from the ‘norm’.

      It feels like if you happen to be born with a different sexuality or gender than the usual, then you have to be boxed into this category for the rest of your life. Rupert Everett is not an actor, but a gay actor; how often do you see a report that named Harrison Ford not as an actor, but a straight actor? Or Bill Clinton as a Caucasian president? I just don’t see the point of including the information unless the desire to create artificial divisions still exist. I guess that I would like to see a society where the differences in our gender/sexuality/ethnicity/physical appearance and abilities are just as unimportant and irrelevant to our categorising each other as hair colour,belly button innie/outy status. I sincerely believe that our gender and sexuality is almost entirely genetically set from conception, and to unnecessarily create divisions around that which we have no choice about is as silly and inhumane as judging people on the length of our little fingers.

      I can only imagine what people with alternative (even the lexicon of discussion seems at best patronising and non-inclusive)sexual tastes and non-binary gendered people have to got through in order to get a potentially prejudiced world to authenticate their lives and not through a reductive prism of a singular aspect of their existence, and would not want to speak for a group of people as diverse and different as all the others found on the planet. I can also imagine that societies around the world are nowhere near as apparently liberal and accommodating as the one I live in, even whilst I am being satirical about its actions. I know I’m just one person writing a small blog and I have no wish to editorialise (despite this lengthy response) other people’s lifestyles and opinions, but I do feel quite safe in revealing mine.

      Gay human is still human. Lesbian human is still human. Disabled human is still human. Black white, trans, disfigured, paraplegic, bisexual human is still human. There is nothing that a human being can do that would make them less or more of a human being. Ultimately the satire is from creating a parallel (using the emotively powerful phrase ‘coming out’) between the absurdity of someone revealing themselves to be continuing to be a Human Being and the absurdity of the divisions society creates when dealing with the unavoidable differences in humanity. I’ve no wish to deliver a sermon on comic principle, and in the end, jokes that need to be explained are not that well delivered, so maybe my writing’s at fault for failing to land the humour or point for the entire audience.

      I’m sorry for the long assed response, I’m sure your questions were genuine, and I’m not just soapboxing you because you’re questioning me. I’m actually grateful to be given an opportunity to flesh out some of the genesis and reasoning behind this post that seems to have more interest than any other of my posts, so thank you for allowing me to this opportunity to download.

      I’m pretty sure I’ve had a look at your site, and I will try to get back there again as soon as time dictates (although we have moved so much closer to the Big Crunch in the time is has taken me to respond to you.).

      Love, Stevo

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