Good Afternoon Everyone (GMT time, please change as appropriate)

I have seen my readership increase wonderfully over the last few weeks, and much of this is due to my blog being shown in ‘spread the love’ style blogs, or community pool sections. So to continue the theme, I am going to advertise a load of the blogs that I’ve found and liked along the way for you (and anyone else that comes along) to check out. Its a mixed bag of varying blog styles, so do please go and have a browse of everybody’s blogs, so that you can make new and exciting connections, and maybe I can keep my Karmic stock high.

Love y’all,

83 Unsung Heroes

The King of Putney

A Mother’s Diary

Matt Kincade


Lessons from my daughter


HarsH ReaLiTy

Fred Barnett www.amazon.com-/e/B002N60GRQ

Thoughts of a Socially Anxious Extrovert



Jéréme Crow

Junior Super Heroes

Musings Of A Whimsical Soul


A Short Conversation


Crumble Cult

Rhymes and Sleek Lines







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